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A single bad hire can cost you thousands and thousands of dollars. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the price of a bad hire is at least 30 percent of the employee's first-year earnings. You can read more about all that at, where they also share "Since Gallup began tracking employee engagement in 2000, less than one-third of U.S. employees report being enthusiastically involved and committed to their work."

So, what is your employee engagement? And how do you more consistently find people who fit your culture and who will exceed your expectations? 

According to TopGrading, most companies hire only 25% A-Players.

When they could be hiring up to 90% A-Players.

This course was designed to take many of the ideas from TopGrading, the collective experiences from coaching, and over 17 years of hiring and building great teams -- Real World Experience (& Mistakes), and make it into a process that is usable and friendly for businesses that do not have the Human Resources processes and resources that a company like General Electric has. 

Whether you have 5, 25, or 105 employees, there are multiple processes, tips, and hacks in this course that will each pay for the price of admission. 

This course will help you create, or update and improve your recruiting and hiring process so you can actually find and hire A-Players.

The catch? It only works if you do it.

Make sure to schedule time to complete all 11 modules. Take the time after each one to review your current processes and make any changes. At the end of all 11 modules, you will get your certificate and be truly ready to start hiring A-Players!

Course Objectives:

  • how to define and identify A-Players (and B & C-Players)
  • the steps to determine if a candidate is an A-Player.
  • what to include in your job posting to attract your A-Players.
  • how to phone screen candidates in <15 minutes.
  • how to get the answers you want instead of a prepared resume.
  • how to organize and hold an efficient interview to find resourceful people with character who align with your values.
  • how to assess your candidate's skills in a tangible way.
  • how to do reference checks that actually get you answers.
  • how to provide a compelling offer.
  • how to induct new hires and have them feel welcomed in your organization.

All forms, templates, and collateral materials referenced in the course are included and will be sent to you within 48 hours of registration. 

Good Luck!!

And let me know how it helps you...



What people are saying:

"Great Course" Christine Nelson, Rebound
"Sturdy put together a nice process of finding good candidates and weeding out the not so good. Thanks again." Tucker Schonberg, Salmon Bay PT
"Awesome course everyone! I’ve hired hundreds of people in my day and still learned some ways to improve my hiring process." Bob Kowalick, CRS Billing
And posted to our Focus Forward Business Starter Group by one of the members:
"You NEED to buy this. This hiring course is one of the main reasons I have retired from treatment. If you get it, actually implement it and don't like it, I will give you two times your money back. If you get it, and implement it, and love it, you owe me a steak dinner next time I see you."